Lil Bro by: Jamelah Thomas

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Ms. Cane is what they called her, she ripped the Hip Hop charts and experienced being one of the most successful Queen Pins in the Drug Game.
Now her life has changed and the Street wants her fortune,they know her one and only weakness and that is Monty, a.k.a Lil Bro.




Blood Brothers *****

Lela Cane Publications
( BLOOD BROTHER’S 1 ) Big and Antoine are two identical twin brothers the only problem is they have no idea that each other exists. Antoine is a well known Chicago drug lord and Big is a well known New York drug lord, living similar life styles until a tragedy strikes that reveals to the two that they are indeed Blood Brothers.  Revelation’s from their past stand them face to face, betrayal, drugs, and money is making it hard for these brother’s to do something they both want to do, walk away from the streets.










A Mother’s Last Cry (New Release)***

Lela Cane Publications
Brenda Mathews; a strong independent African American mother of three, loved her teenage boys.  Her profession as a Chicago Police Homicide detective, has her solving murders of young men that are the same or close to her son’s ages. With the help of her fellow officers as well as the community does Brenda have what it takes to stop the rising murders in the city of Chicago or will the blood gruesome sight of young men slain make her run the other way?
Read how Author Jamelah Thomas, captures your thoughts as she takes you on a tale of reality based events taking place within her own city known as Chi-raq.

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